Lines, Authors, and More Lines: BEA Day 2

My back and joints hurt from carrying books around all day and I feel like an old man. I told my friends today that I think BEA is the one time of the year that bookworms work out.

This second day of BEA (or the first day of the *actual* conference) was much different from yesterday/the Blogger’s Conference. It seemed like there was more open on the floor and there were definitely more people, but the biggest difference was authors and lines. There were a ton of authors having signing and there were even more lines. In the morning when I woke up I made a whole schedule on my list of all the authors I wanted to meet and books I wanted to grab at drops and, miraculously, I didn’t miss a single thing I wanted. As a BEA baby, I’m very impressed with myself. I had a little more restrain than yesterday and got less than 20 books and more than half of them are signed.

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Today I met Lauren Oliver (again) (we waited an hour and 20 minutes for her and she tweeted a selfie she took with us), David Levithan (twice), Sam Maggs (should have taken a selfie with her..), and Adam Silvera (HE’S SO NICE AND COOL) and they were all so wonderful. Like honestly, book people are the best. Above are a few of the books I got and I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself when I get home. What the heck am I going to read first?! How am I going to prioritize these!?! Again, it’s a good problem to have.

I did a lot better with networking and handing out my business cards today, which I’m happy about. I talked to some people at smaller presses and cute small businesses but I also gave my business card to someone at DISNEY, so, who knows what will come of that but it was awesome.

Later at night Mara, Adam, Alex and I went to an ~exclusive~ party at The James hotel hosted by the wonderful people of Head Honcho Media. This was super fun and I got to do a bit more networking and generally just met the best people. I am so happy I get to do such cool things like this and meet such genuinely awesome people. We’re going to have an expanded squad to tackle the main floor tomorrow, so come at us BEA day 3.

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xx, Emily

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