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Hey, I Have a Blog Now!

Hey! Hi!! Hello!!! Welcome to the brand new BlueEyedBiblio site! As you may or may not know, my name is Emily. I’m a 19 year old college student who has a semi-successful Instagram account called @blueeyedbiblio where I post about bookish things. And when I say semi-successful I mean my account has over 123k followers, which is a number of people that I cannot even comprehend. I’ve had my bookstagram account for just over 2 years, and now that there are so many people looking at me and what I have to say about books, I figured making a blog wouldn’t be such a bad idea. You can only say so much in a Instagram photo caption before people stop reading (because let’s be honest, no one really reads super long gram captions). So this is what BlueEyedBiblio.com is all about: it’s a place where I can talk more extensively about books I’ve read and liked and books I’m excited about. It’s also a place where I’m going to talk about things other than books because I’m a bit of a nerd (did you see my Star Wars Christmas sweater?).

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My Instagram Story

You may be wondering how the heck I have over 123,000 followers on Instagram. People ask me how I managed it in photo comments all the time, and I can never really give them the full answer that they probably want. So, here, today, I will be telling you my full Instagram story of how my little account that just liked posting pictures of books somehow got 123,000 people to follow.

To tell the full story, I’ll have to go back to the beginning. In September or October of 2013, I decided to start my Instagram account, @blueeyedbiblio. This was after months and months of on-again-off-again blogging at blueeyedbibliophile.blogspot.com. I don’t recall when I started the blog, but I remember that no one was reading my posts. I know blogging is supposed to be about the experience of writing and whatnot, but let’s be honest, when you’re putting that much effort into something and no one was showing any interest, it’s really frustrating. I started thinking of things I could do to direct more traffic through my blog because I didn’t just want to quit talking about books. Then one glorious day, I had the idea to start an Instagram account in juncture with my blog, and @blueeyedbiblio was born.

My initial idea for this Instagram account was to post photos of books and link to my blog, so that if people found the photos they would then proceed to my blog. It just so happens that I found Instagram way more fun than writing my blog because people immediately started following and liking and commenting on my Insta posts. I got instant interaction with other people who liked to read and who liked to talk about books.

By the summer of 2014 I had reached 1,000 followers just by posting what I wanted to, changing up my feed’s aesthetic a few times, commenting on other people’s photos. Reaching 1,000 followers was really cool because it wasn’t something I was ever expecting when I made my account, and knowing that there was 1,000 people out there who cared about what I had to say about books was so cool, especially since about a year in the past that number was at 0.

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Fast forward to March of 2015. I had around 6,700 followers, which was insane to me, and things were going well. I was really enjoying my bookstagram experience, I was really happy with my photos and my interactions with my followers. Then one day I got an email from someone who worked at Instagram, which was just really exciting in itself. Instagram is my favorite social media site, I use it for my bookstagram and my personal account, and it’s everything. So in the email, this Instagram employee told me that the team at Instagram (somehow?!) found my account and they loved it and they wanted to interview me for the Instagram blog. Which was so cool. Of course I said yes, and he sent over the questions about me and my account and a few days later the interview was posted on the Instagram blog.

I wasn’t just featured on Instagram’s blog, though; I was also featured on Instagram’s Instagram account which has over 131 million followers. And they all saw my photo. And that day I gained a ridiculous 35k thousands followers. Yeah, in a day. By the end of the week I had around 85k followers. A few weeks later I hit 100k, which is the craziest thing that has ever happened. I couldn’t believe then that 100,000 people wanted to hear what I had to say (and I still can’t believe it now, really). Honestly, it was a bit scary. I was nervous about posting now, since so many more people were looking at me (and if you know me irl, you know that I actually hate getting attention, so this was actually pretty scary). But I got over it by just being myself and not changing anything about the way that I post.

So, that’s the really long version of the story. I didn’t contact Instagram, I didn’t ask them to feature me. They just saw something in my account that they really liked and that they thought was worth sharing with the world, and for that I am so grateful. I have gotten to do some pretty amazing things because of my Instagram account, like write for the Seventeen magazine website a couple times, actually be in the print Seventeen mag, I got quoted in a Vogue article, I got my own Buzzfeed listicle, and even more stuff you can check out on my about page. And I’m going to be doing even more cool stuff in 2016 because of you guys, my awesome followers. So that’s my little story. I hope you’ll follow my blog and continue to help me do what I love.

xx, Emily


  1. says

    Your story is soooooo amazing! And welcome to the blogging community! It’s as amazing as the bookstagram one! Hope you have fun here 🙂

  2. says

    So excited that you’ve joined the blogging community! I can’t wait to read more in-depth reviews and to learn more about you as a person!

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com

    • blueeyedbiblio says

      Thanks so much! I just checked out your blog, it’s beautiful. Where did you get your Instagram widget? It’s so nice!!

      • says

        Ahh thank you so much! The one in my sidebar is the Instagram feed plugin for WordPress and the one at the bottom of my blog came with my blog theme!

  3. says

    I follow your Instagram account and I’m so excited to follow your blog! It looks so clean and fresh. Will you be posting just about books or lifestyle posts as well?


    India | IndiaHillWrites.com

  4. Hannah says

    So, reading your about page made me realize that we’re practically the same person! Love your insta account and I’m looking forward to reading more on your blog. 🙂

  5. says

    That is such an amazing instagram success story. xD GO you for being so talented and being recognised for it!! I follow your insta so when I saw you’d made a blog, I sneaked over here too, hehe, because I’m a big fan of blogging. (Sometimes one just needs to say a LOT, right?!? And blogging is a great space to say it. :P) And I’m in constant awe of your photography wonderfulness. I hope you enjoy the blogging experience!!

  6. says

    This is amazing Emily, congrats! I did not know about all of these achievements, it’s incredible. Must say you do have one of the best bookstagram accounts out there! Keep going, wish you the best for this 2016! xx

  7. says

    Hey! So nice to meet you here Emily. You probably would not recognize me by the name since I am one among the many many followers you have. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous and I got introduced to the account through the Buzzfeed article. And totally agree with your about ‘super-long ‘ captions. hoping to see more from you here.

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