Emily in Real Life: Where You Can Find Me This Summer (NTTBF + BEA)

Hello!! I am going to pull myself away from the glowing screen and will be out and about in the world this summer, and you can come, too!

If you would rather hear me speak actual words about this, you can watch my newest YouTube video:

If you would rather read words that I type, keep reading.

The first event, and event coming up really soon, is the North Texas Teen Book Fest on April 23rd in Irving, Texas. This is a free book festivals full of amazing YA authors like E. Lockhart, Adam Silvera, and Gayle Forman. There will be tons of signings PLUS a BookTube panel, which I will be on!! A real panel, talking in front of real people! Wow, I’m exited and also very scared but mostly excited. Other BookTubers on the panel include Whitney from WhittyNovels, Naya from NayaReadsAndSmiles, and Alberto from AbriendoLibros. If you’re planning on coming to the NTTBF, come out to the panel at 1:00PM and stick around after for a meet up! Let me know if you’re coming (in either the comments here or on my video) because I’m really excited to meet some of you!

The other event I’m going to which I am so excited for ohmygod is Book Expo America, or BEA! I will also be on the United: Bloggers, Youtubers, and Instagrammers panel at the BEA Blogger’s Conference on May 11th at 11:00. This year, BEA is in Chicago and a lot of YouTubers and bloggers and Bookstagrammers that I know are going and I cannot wait! I have no idea what to expect since this will be my first year, and I’m also pretty nervous about this too because I’ll be navigating the space on my own, but I really can’t be more excited about it. If you’re planning on going to BEA and we’ve talked before and you want to meet up, shoot me an email (blueeyedbiblio at gmail), and if you’re going to be at the panel or BookCon (which I’m also going to, too!!) let me know in the comments! I am going to ask around about any Internet People meet ups and let you guys know if there will be any other chance to meet me because I really want to meet you!

Follow my Twitter and Instagram for more information as the events come closer. I’ll be tweeting and posting about my experiences, so follow if you don’t want to miss those. I will also  probably be making a post for each event on here, so make sure you subscribe!

Let me know if I’ll be seeing you this summer!

xx, Em

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